Oh Shit!

by The Molters

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Oh Shit! I'm sorry Old Lady but you were too damn slow
when this inspiration hit me and,
Oh Shit! this is how the story goes...
I was walkin' out the store while Grandma slept at the door,
my eyes were in my head my band was playin' hardcore!
Next thing I know Grandma's on the floor…

Oh, I was searching in my skull,
Oh cause I Thought I heard a song,
and Oh, I Thought and now I know,
Oh, a Band rehearses a show,
Oh, now they're making more noise!

Oh Shit! Pink polka-dot momma,
there's something more important than your dumb baby bonnet,
In this town, you're preventin' me from getting around,
You see, I'm In My Head and you're In My Face,
I guess it's My Fault I walked into your personal space,
It's cause I walk in a daze...
As the band in my head plays.

Who Do You See? How Do You Walk?
when the band, when the band in your head plays,
And What Do I Hear? What Do I Say?
when the band in my head, in my head plays,
And Where Do You Go? Who Do You Tell?
I got no reason to complain
That a band in your head, in your head's great
Cause i got plenty of days
I can't explain, I sound insane but a band yes a band in my head plays,
Just keep Psychiatrists away
Till they Hear my Band Play!

What if I want it!
Oh Shit! Here's a Policeman,
What if I wanted out!
Was trying to get home and accidentally tripped over him,
What if I want it! and I cant bring it out!
and Oh Shit! this'll be a Pain to Explain..
"See I was walkin' this way when the band in my head started to play,
It gets hard to see when they start to create.."
He said, "That's fuckin' stupid course I'm takin' you away"
Now I'm in the Ward where the band ain't allowed to play,
They're pretty damn pissed so they're telling me to say,
"I'm sorry Old Lady and I'm sorry Little Kid.”


released January 11, 2013
Recorded and mixed at Moon Lab Studios by Lane Banning
Mastered at Masterdisk by Tim Boyce
Bass sections played by Chen Yo Chi



all rights reserved


The Molters Brooklyn, New York

Jack Frank: Guitar/Vocals
Brian Henn: Guitar
Alex Chung: Drums
Josh Castellano: Bass/B.Vox

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